I had A hell of a time putting together this video.  But I think it came together alright considering I was on the brink of throwing my computer through the God damned wall, check it out here. Advertisements


The movie Spotlight is a great example of the difference between what journalism looked like 10 years ago vs. today.  It really shows what people had to do to get good, verifiable information before the prevalence of social media, and it also shows what kind of stories are out there if we ask the right questions. […]

Productive Discourse

I find it somewhat interesting, yet not surprising in the slightest, that a lot of popular websites and publications are either getting rid of their comments sections, or they’ve never used them.  As Ricardo Bilton talks about in his article, Why some publishers are killing their comments sections, comments sections can be some of the darkest, […]

Catadawn Studios

Today I’m interviewing my friend Brent Somermeyer, who is the owner and operator of an independent analog mastering studio here in Denver called Catadawn Studios.  Catadawn is actually located in Brent’s Basement a few other rooms throughout his home in Western Denver, and one of his only co-workers is Matt Tanner, his roommate.  Brent is a […]

The Big Global Pool of Short Money

While listening to “The Giant Pool of Money”, a podcast from This American Life about the financial crisis, and the giant pool they keep referring to, I was reminded quite a bit about the movie The Big Short that came out last year. Obviously they had similar subject matter but my point is that I had a little bit […]

New Media and Selective Exposure

The other day in class we listened to podcast from March 16, 2016. It was originally broadcast on a local radio station. In this episode, the host interviewed one of my other teachers, Kristi Strother, about the changing landscape of the journalistic field and the effects those changes are having on our culture.  If you read my […]